Cultural Activities
Swami Vivekanand Public School offers numerous cultural activities, exciting clubs, societies and groups. There is also ample opportunity for pupils to explore new hobbies and interests. Swami Vivekanand Public School aims to provide a holistic education that integrates academic, culture and sport. Girls are encouraged to be independent critical thinkers and to develop creativity and problem-solving skills through the use of technology.

Extra Murals Available
  • Choir
  • Art
  • Chess
  • Drama
  • Computer Club
  • Public speaking
  • Debating
  • Other Cultural Activities
  • House plays
  • School plays

Educational Activities
Youngsters need to understand the purpose of life. They need courage and wisdom to face the challenges of life. With that understanding they become the light of the world. If we care for them responsibly, moulding their whole character with love, then the future of the world will be safe. –   Swami Vivekanand Public School

Education is Nation Building activity. A school is not a building where a few children are confined in closed classrooms and bits of information are transferred to their brains.

A school is an organic system of transforming young children into responsible citizens. The objective of the transformation is to build a strong, vibrant Nation. For a Nation to be strong and vibrant, its citizens should be physically strong, intellectually sound, morally upright, spiritually awakened and must have faith in the Nation’s values and culture.

Swami Vivekanand Public School strives to mould the character of every child under its care and to develop their whole personality in a harmonious and positive way, which alone will bring about a qualitative change in their lives. In short, Swami Vivekanand Public School strives to educate students not just for a living, but for life itself.

Co-Curricular Activities

  • Swami Vivekanand Public School gives great importance to co-curricular activities of many kinds. Thus, we try to draw out the best in the student helping her to develop all the latent skills and talents.
  • Sports and games are compulsory for all the students and the dress prescribed by the school should be worn for all the sports events. The service of expert teachers and coaches are made available to impart good training to students in the above activities.
  • The house system has been introduced in the school in order to develop the feeling of co-ordination, healthy competitive spirit, leadership and self-restraint among the students. It provides opportunities of self-expression and a chance to solve common problems and difficulties collectively.
  • The students are divided into 4 houses – Red – Dhruv Blue – Eklavya Green – Abhimanyu Yellow – Nachiketa. Each house has its own flag. Inter-house competitions are held to provide entertainment in a unique and educative manner.

House System
he house system in the school offers an outlet to the talents of the pupils at the Platform of various inter house competitions. The students are divided into four house groups and are encouraged to participate in a variety of Co- curricular activities like dramatics, dance, music, debates, Quiz and games etc. The galantry awards based names have been imparted to the house to spread message among students that they must develop the spirit of bravery and should spread the fragnance of their Humanity. The school has divided all the students into four houses to ensure maximum participation of children in maximum activities. The Houseare Named as:
Red – Dhruv Blue – Eklavya Green – Abhimanyu Yellow – Nachiketa each house named after galantry awards.