Dear Parents,
It is not without a touch of pride that I introduce you to an entire new approach of programmed learning in the Swami Vivekanand Public School– the only school of its kind and truly of the new Kind.

Swami Vivekanand Public School has been conceived with the sole purpose of providing effective solutions to your child’s school related issues, and with a conviction of making well-accomplished, responsible and all-rounded personalities of the future.

At Swami Vivekanand Public School, academics is neatly integrated with other developmental activities – workshops, performing arts, sports to name just a few general ones. Each student is allowed to explore areas of interest and exploit talents to the maximum potential.

The teachers are passionate about their subjects and are committed to pass on their enthusiasm to the students. Each student is ensured special attention to help him/her achieve confidence – a gift for life.

The school is equipped with outstanding educational aids and modern teaching techniques. But its core inspiration is essentially Indian. The wider version of Swami Vivekanand Public School is to cultivate individuals who are not only successful in their professional and personal lives but ones who take upon themselves the challenge of making India a superpower.

I trust that when you browse our website, you will find all the information that will root your faith in this project and help you to choose the best for your child. Furthermore, it would be wonderful if you could interact with some of the people behind this unique project, at our campus.


Mr. S. D. Bhatt

Education Ideology

Our idea of education is a very strong component of The Swami Vivekanand Public School. We explore the very basis of why we send our children to school. Why do we? To get an education, to be educated!

Yes, but – what is education? In the broadest sense – any act or experience that has a formative effect on the mind, character or physical ability of an individual. Here is the dictionary entry for education: The knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process.

AThe learning process should result in growth and development. We want our children to acquire different skills, gain knowledge, build character and develop a strong personality. That is the reason we have developed our own way of education. The school is the first formal institution the child joins and becomes part of the community. The immediate family and school are two organizations that interact with the child on a very regular basis and therefore the two have a major influence on the child. Parents of course, want the very best for the children. They are always looking for the choicest opportunities within their scope and sometimes beyond it, for the benefit of their children. One of the opportunities that parents look for is enrolling the child in the ‘right’ school. And then, with the best intentions at heart, (to give the child a lot of exposure and academic support) parents sign the child up for a lot of extra classes for a lot of different things. What does that result in? We make the child’s life a mad rush – the child shuttles between school and home with a very heavy backpack, then between tuition classes and home, hobby classes and home, sports ground and home. And finally when the child comes home, there is homework from these activities that has to be done. Can we expect our children to have any ‘enlightening’ experience when education is presented to them in this way? Absolutely not. The Swami Vivekanand Public School totally deals with these types of situations and many more. We understand that the right to education is not just a right to basic education where information is handed over to the child. It has to be an informative, enjoyable, wholesome experience. We try to present ‘education’ to the child in a way that the child can assimilate it. We develop our own techniques and methods. We observe and evaluate how well the child grasps the ideas. If there is a problem, we work on the educational methods again. The result is an educational method that actually works. The knowledge transfer happens without stressing out the child. The child assimilates the gathered information and understands it. Then, education is a truly ‘enlightening’ experience. This is also a requirement of the real world. In the age that we live in, information is readily available – it is what we can do with it that is important. The days of mugging up information and using the brain as an information storage device are passé. The new age demands application and analysis, good problem solving skills and strong conceptual understanding. The next-gen also needs good communication skills and interaction with the community. And all this is neatly integrated into The Swami Vivekanand Public School.

Work With Us

To work with us, you need to have passion for something, an attitude to think differently and a desire to change the world seriously.

The team at Swami Vivekanand Public School is something to talk about. We have a perfect blend of teachers, administrators, programmers and non-teaching staff.

The reason why the school functions so well is that everyone is very dedicated to their job, and there is a good communication system in place. We believe that there is no need of traditional bureaucracy that’s present in most of the schools. This puts the staff at extreme ease, as talking to each other and up the chain isn’t a problem at all. The atmosphere is very cordial, but the deadlines are always met.

We have kept the environment start up for a reason, our team needs to feel included in all the things we do!

If you would like to be in a team like this, welcome! We are *always* looking for good people.

We have three categories of requirements:

  • Teaching, Programming and Content Generation.
    Teaching: If you are a person who has a love for teaching, apply! The basic requirements are impeccable English, and sound knowledge of a subject. Having the B.Ed qualification is compulsory, but desirable. More than aptitude, we value attitude and dedication
  • Content Generation: Where would we be without our content? We need great content generators, who are very comfortable with English and some subject. More than that, we require the ability to stick to deadlines, come whatever may!
  • Administration: With the launch of the Swami Vivekanand Public School, we are also looking for able administrators, who can handle a plateful of things to do, all at the same time. If you feel that you don’t fit into the above categories, but still would like to apply. Welcome!

Send us a mail on

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NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) has drafted a syllabus for all boards in India. The CBSE (Central Board for Secondary Education) has fixed a syllabus strictly to NCERT. You may remember that when you went to school all boards across India are most probably going to have a common syllabus.

Planning for book selection

Our planners sit down well before the academic year starts and do their R & D to find out those extra things in the CBSE textbooks and we add that into the material we give to our children. In fact, the planners even find out what the CBSE textbooks have missed and add that too. In addition to that, our children even get tested on each topic to find out what they have not understood and that is again reinforced. In this way, we try to make sure that each child knows everything. So in this school, your child will not be missing out on anything at all not academically and even not in the extracurricular activities. It’s quite the opposite, actually.


6 tests are conducted over the year for each subject ( look at the School Calendar ) The portion for a test is completed about 10-15 days before the test and then revision is conducted during the last 2 weeks. A child spends 2 clock hours on the computer and digital smart class every week and uses software designed by school itself for his courses in all subjects.

What are the documents required for admission?

Up to Class 1 (play group, L KG, U KG and Class 1) we need the child’s birth certificate. From class 2nd and onwards if the child is transferring from a school within India, we need a copy of the birth certificate and the original leaving certificate of the school where the child is transferring from. You can find the information under Documents required in the Admissions section

Holidays :- The School holidays are as under: Summer Vacation : From 3rd week of May to end of June Winter Vacation : From last week of December to second week of January School Holiday: as Prescribed by government changes are possible.

The majestic, modern and ever expanding building blocks, with an aesthetically designed New Girls/Junior School Block and the grand layout of the school, which sprawls over 2acres of land in lush green surroundings, a great atmosphere for growth and joyful learning is ensured. School blocks Primary Block Junior/Girls Block Senior Block.