• All the children are expected to come to School daily in Freshly Laundered Uniforms with Clean Socks and well Polished Shoes.
  • Students must reach the School at least five minutes before the time fixed for Assembly.
  • Care must be taken of the school property and Students must not write on walls and scratch or spoil the school furniture.
  • The School is not responsible for books, money, cloths etc. lost. The Students Should look after their belongings themselves.
  • When teacher is absent from the class the monitor of the class will take responsibility for order and discipline.
  • Running around Shouting inside the School is Strictly forbidden.
  • In Case of absence from the school previous written application must be submitted in the school. It should be duly signed by the Parents.
  • In Case of illness, during tests or exams, medical certificate must be produced in the school.
  • Any damage done to the school property will be accounted by the Student.
  • A Student coming late to School will be punished by The School authorities.
  • No. Outing or Picnic will be arranged without the permission of school Principal.
  • Students are expected to converse in English.
  • Students are expected to greet their teachers wherever they meet them, because school’s reputation is judged by the conduct of its children.
  • Students using Tobacco Products, Smoking or bringing knives, Chains etc. will be answerable to the school principal. School has authority to dismiss them instantly.

Accidents :- Although the School takes precautions for its Students but accidents may happen School will not take responsibility for any major accident


We hope that you have already read up on our philosophy and education ideology and completely agree with them. That is essential for both, you and us, going forward!

This section will give you all the information you need to admit your child in the school. Browse through to get details about theprocedure, fee structure, eligibility, documents required etc.


Admission Procedure (for the academic year 2015-2016)
Update: Admissions for 2015-16 will open for class Play-Group to 9th on 16-1-2015

To secure admission for your child, these are the steps you need to follow. Even parents with siblings in the school will have to follow the same process.

  • Make sure your child fulfils the age requirement Eligibility.
  • Admission forms will be available only in the school office. They will be available from 15-1- 2014 after 9am. There is no need for queues. Everyone will get a form and that too in a matter of less than a minute. You do not need to get your child to the school for collecting the form.
  • Submit the completed admission form in the school office as soon as possible.
  • Date and time of the orientation meeting shall be conveyed to you through email and telephone. Meetings will be held on Saturdays and Sundays only and will go on only as long as seats are available. If you have filled out the form and havent received an email or phone call, contact us in school office.
  • For play-group and Nursery, we have number based selection criteria. For other classes, there is an eligibility test, and admissions will be given only if vacancies exist.
  • Further instructions will be given in the orientation meeting.

That’s all there is to be done! You can of course call us or email us if you have any concerns or queries else they can all be addressed at the meeting. Please make sure you don’t miss it as important instructions will be given then.

Please click here for the new admission online form.

If you are interested in securing admission for your child in the current academic year (2014-2015), please contact us.


There are two requirements that your child has to fulfill to be eligible for admission to a certain class. One is the age requirement and the second is the academic eligibility. Please make sure you check both. Age requirement (for the academic year 2014-15):

Class Age
Play-group On 31march 2015- 2.5 years complete
L KG On 31 March 2015- 3 years complete
U.K.G On 31 March 2015- 4 years complete
Class- 1 On 31 March 2015- 5 years complete

For admissions from class 2 to class 9th, the child must have a document showing he / she has passed the final examination of the lower class in the previous year. The eligibility test is conducted only on days given to you at time of registration. Please call up the school and confirm the time before coming.

Academic requirement

Class Skills Required
Play group No criteria(only age)
L. KG Should be able to recognize upper case letters from A to Z and numbers from 1 to 10
U. KG Writing of capital letters from A to Z and numbers from 1 to 100 and recognition of small letters from a to z and Hindi Varnmala writing and recognition both.
Std 1 Reading and writing of words in Hindi and English both, having a physical representation and small sentences

For admissions from class 2 to class 5th, the child will be tested for proficiency in English Grammar / English Comprehension / Writing, Mathematics, Hindi Grammar of the previous class.

For admissions from class 6 to class 9th, the child will be tested for proficiency in English Grammar / English Comprehension / Writing and Mathematics, Hindi Grammar and science of the previous class.

Parents Seeking admission for Their wards have to submitt.

  1. Transfer Certificate
  2. Age Certificate
  3. Photo of their child at the time of admission.

Note:- Admision opens from 1st March Every Year.


School fees are charged for all the twelve Months of the Year. Whether any Student is admitted late except in play-group.
Fees are to be paid by the 15th of every month. Please do pay up the school fees regularly. Fees for the march, June and January will be collected the month before i.e. Febuary, May and December.
All dues must be clear before a student is admitted to the Half Yearly and the Final Examination



One Month’s notice is required before the withdrawl of a student from the school. In absence of such notice, one month fee will be charged. No Transfer Certificate will be issued untill all dues to the school have been cleared.